The Love Truth & Reality           Entertainment  Group
     About us
The Love Truth & Reality Entertaiment Group IS a company designed to provide not only entertainment, but also to extend an opportunity to the youth, teenagers, and young adults to be trained in the ways of performing arts. The ("LTR GROUP") is aware that many of our minority groups have neither the resources nor the ambition to pursue the arts in the major cities, such as New York & Los Angeles. SO we have put a plan into action to take acting workshops to the smaller towns and cities, to train and educate actors and actresses.

"OUR GOAL is to use the Actors we Train in the Stage Plays and Films we Produce"

" OUR MISSION is to Leave no Small Town behind in our Training or Productions"

" OUR DESIRE is to Make Award Winning Product in { TV, FILM, & STAGE } 


"Rabia Louis Haynes"