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The Characters
Jessica Batter played by "Joy Parris" cunning, conniving, tricky, deceiving, and all of the above is---- Jessica who'll stop at nothing to viciously have it her way.

Horace Brock played by "Rabia" lost his first love in a skiing accident and vowed to never love again,  until he met " Marriam ".  what happen?.

Marriam Batter played by "LIndsay Hurlic" a psychic who occasionally aids the Chicago police in crime solving, now needs help herself from mom's attacks.

Johnny Brock played by: "Michael Big Mizzy Phillips" mistakenly becomes the victim of a deadly attack aimed for his brother, Horace.

Louis Batter played by "Rodney Johnson" father of Marriam brings balance to the Jessica madness. And teaches Horace the game.

Juanita, Brad & Selena a trio of friends in the of Marriam who helps at times to create... confusion and also clarity.  played by:
                      " Latoya Haynes " Will Sonley " & " Tameka Hurlic "
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