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  The Journey
The journey was a very spiritual one.  While in Selma, Alabama... performing a one man play TITLED  "IF MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. WERE ALIVE TODAY."
I envisioned  a  walk down the red carpet at the "Oscars."  But in order for it to become a reality, I first needed a script. This overwhelming burning desire stimulated me into isolation for "seven days and seven nights." Alone in Selma, in my dear friend Francesca's home,  a flood... of information was drafted into my mind and spirit. Water,fruits and veggies were my diet.  I began... to write without a title and without any writing blocks.

It was overwhelming... but  Then, suddenly a title came to me, and I went into a deep sleep..." ULTIMATE PROPOSAL" was all I could feel, think and breathe.  Live theater on stage had been my home, but it was at that moment I knew I was born to perform in all arenas.  Ironic as it seems the "seven days and nights" were from Christmas to New Year's Eve midnight . I had written a screenplay before, but never this rapidly. It was as if  the Spirits were writing it for me.  The year was 2002.